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    The anti-roll stabilizers developed by GEPS techno combine greater efficiency and simplicity. For more than 10 years, the engineering team has developed tools and knowledge to optimize stabilizers design, for any type of vessel.

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    A safe tool

    Your data is protected and is only used to evaluate the performance of our stabilizers.

    Answer within 48 hours

    Thanks to GEPS Techno in-house tools, our engineering team can simulate the impact of our stabilizers on the behavior of your vessel. The results will be emailed you.

    Two complexity levels

    Precise your vessel characteristics improve the accuracy of the results.


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    GEPS Techno references

    Over the last 8 years, SIRE® and GSIRE® customized solutions have already equipped a wide variety of vessels: coastal vessels, fishing vessels, longliners, patrol boats, other military or scientific research vessels... and have systematically met the contractual performance objectives.

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    How are my personal data processed?

    We collect and record data in order to provide you with a roll reduction rate and improve your user experience.

    The data collected are confidential; their disclosure is strictly limited to GEPS Techno. They will only be used to evaluate the stabilization performance of GEPS Techno stabilizer designed for your vessel, and remain your entire property. The data are stored on a secure server accessible to GEPS Techno only.

    You can access, rectify or request the deletion of your personal data.

    To exercise these rights or if you have any concern about the processing of your data in this system, you can contact Olivier CUNY, Sales Director: olivier.cuny@geps-techno.com.

    What can I expect from this tool?

    The tool made available by GEPS Techno estimates a roll reduction rate based on input data and statistical models developed in-house. This rate is an approximation of the roll reduction that can be achieved by integrating our anti-roll stabiliser on your vessel. This rate is computed from :

    • the type of vessel
    • characteristic lengths of the ship
    • hydrostatic characteristics of the considered load case


    The value provided is an average over all the expected rolling periods of the vessel (RMS value).

    This tool benefits from all our expertise. It has a simple mode and an expert mode in order to best match the progress of your project.

    To confirm the approximate value, a detailed study will be required.

    How do the different estimation modes of the application work?

    The simple mode, the one presented by default, allows an estimation of the stabilization rate for 3 types of vessels :

    • patrol boats
    • offshore support vessels
    • fishing vessels


    In addition to the vessel type, three input data are required:

    • length at waterline
    • beam
    • displacement for a given load case


    The hydrostatic characteristics of the vessel are then estimated from these three quantities and our database. The stabilization rate is evaluated and provided for the considered load case.

    Advantages: This mode requires basic information that can be gathered quickly. It is adapted during the preliminary phase of a ship project.

    The expert mode, in addition to the data requested for the simple mode, offers the possibility to fill in geometric and hydrostatic parameters of the vessel:

    • position and dimensions of the tank
    • maximum volume of seawater in the tank
    • draught, natural period, height of the ship’s centre of gravity KG and the metacentric height GM for the considered load case


    Each parameter can be filled in or not. The more data there is, the more relevant the roll reduction rate is.

    Advantages: This mode allows a more precise and relevant estimation with regard to the progress of the project.

    Which answer can I expect from GEPS Techno?

    Within 48 working hours, GEPS Techno commits to :

    • send you the approximate roll reduction rate corresponding to your vessel;
    • contact you to refine the input data together if we feel they are inadequate;
    • provide you with a technical description of our anti-roll systems.

    If these approximate performances meet your needs, a technical and commercial proposal for a detailed study can be made for your project.

    You can't find an answer to your question here? Contact us at +33 2 40 45 97 74 or by mail stabilisation@geps-techno.com